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Blogger Post #1 ღ Back from Blog Hiatus + New Blog Reviews coming!

Hello bookworms!

It’s been quite awhile since I last attempted to make a recent update here in my review blog. Bunch of stuff happened since my last post, so I have to apologize to everyone for that pretty long hiatus.

Starting with the reason why I’ve gone MIA…

Are you guys ready to listen to my list of endless reasoning as to why I’ve been gone for a while? If yes, then prepare yourselves for this long long post. LOL!

Reason #1: So after several job hunting, applications and interviews, I finally landed my dream job! Well, not exactly the most perfect and ideal job, because we all have to be honest, first jobs aren’t exactly a walk in the park, especially when considering you’ve got zero work experience like me. Anyways… So yeah! I’m finally working as an Architectural Designer and am working almost a whole day in 5 days a week. Work usually starts at 8 am to 5 pm, but I usually have to work overtime where I go home past 9PM or 10PM. So I guess you guys can probably understand why I’ve been gone from blogging and have been semi-hiatus on Bookstagram as well.

Work is loaded and although it is a hassle to face the endless cycle of waking up so early and then going home so late only to get a few wink of sleep in order to wake up early for work again the next morning. Work has been peculiarly fun and kind of exciting. I get to learn a lot of new things everyday, and although things could get a little frustrating, it’s been unaccountably fun and contenting. But I still am really lacking a lot of sleep, so although I’ve attempted multiple times to make a blog update every weekends, I never had the energy to do so. The farthest I’ve ever done in my attempt was to turn on my laptop, but then while waiting for it to open, I’ve practically tucked in back to bed or slumped back to sleep in front of my laptop. Plus the drools. I don’t have any problem working, but I wish I could give at least, maybe not an equal amount of time for both work and social activities. I haven’t even held a watercolor brush in forever! I might even have forgotten how to do calligraphy writing already! I’m quite surprised I’ve even had the time to finish reading a couple of books. (I’ve finished two thus far, and that’s ought to be something! And yes, I’ll be writing book reviews for that!)

Reason #2: CONSTRUCTION CURRENTLY GOING ON. I’m attempting to change the way my blog looks. I want it to look particularly the way I want it to. Like how I want people to know my personality/hobbies simply just by looking at my blog. And using books are pretty obvious, but I’ve also have some other things that define me, and I want people to know that. I’m not thinking of doing anything special, just something simple and yet defining. And that’s exactly who I am! Simple but has purpose.

Reason #3: Would you buy something I’d sell? I’ve already made up my mind. I want to start a small business. Something that would start locally, and if things go well, internationally. I’ve been making my own personal bookmarks and have wanted to share them with other people. It’s still a working progress, and I want to collect several designs before putting them out there for the world to see. But if you follow me on my Bookstagram account, I’ve included some of them on my posts. I already have an Instagram account made just for the shop itself, but as I’ve mentioned, it’s still a working progress. But hopefully sometime this year, I’ll be able to open the shop soon. Make sure to visit when it does! 🙂

That’s all the reasons I got. I’ve already mentioned my new job, blog construction and business plans. They’re all mainly the reasons why I haven’t updated my blog. If that wasn’t satisfying enough, then I guess I should highlight my most bare and honest reason:

I’m lazy.


It is SURPRISING how I was able to fit in the time to buy and read books despite my schedule at work. And yes, earning money at work? All goes to books. The amount of books I’ve spent buying this month are just…WOW. That doesn’t beat my February 2015 book haul which was 15-18 books if I remember correctly, but this bunch was about prices and weights!

I’ve never been a hardback book fan. I’ve always been a paperback owner. But lately, I’ve only been purchasing hardbacks, and I have to tell you, they have hell of a price but I solemnly am not having any regrets. At all. The hardbacks were pretty darn fine. They’re extra gorgeous, and although are heavy to keep on the bag, still so satisfyingly good to read in. They’re just so beautiful. Especially with those pretty covers.

Anyways.. I have several book reviews coming up this beginning, plus some more as per request from authors who sent me E-copies of their book in exchange for an honest review. Which, by the way, I’m excited to start.

 Anyways, I’ll post the 2 book reviews tomorrow, so I might as well give you guys the title of what the books would be.

I finished two books for the month of July. Which are as follows:

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
  • Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Have you read any of those books before? If yes, and you’ve made a review, leave a link to your review in the comment below and I’ll make sure to read them after I post mine. Or you can post what your thoughts about the books are in the comment box below 😉 😉 😉


Have a great week, bookworms! Happy reading!



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