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Cover Reveal + Book Review ღ Category Jeremy


Title: Category Jeremy

Author: Elizabetta Holcomb

Genre: YA, Historical Fiction, Romance, Time Travel

Format: Kindle


Date Read: May 12-16, 2016

synopsisJeremiah Cameron Tremaine
Within the body of Jeremy is a weapon of mass destruction. Being the strongest host in Dover’s Amalgam, he is a hurricane of a class all by himself. The strongest host alive. Living between two time periods: one life in medieval Dover and the other in modern Louisiana, England, and the Cayman Islands, he finds life becomes a cluster of unfortunate events that bring him face to face with the girl he left behind.

Beau Angelle Benoit
Eight years ago, something happened to Jeremy. After being lost in Hurricane Libby, Beau was there when they found him naked, half starved, and surrounded by dead animals. She could hear him speaking without ever opening his mouth and when he touched her, she could feel the energy he contained. But instead of trusting her with his abilities, he left her to face government officials who probed her mind and a town that thought her a lunatic.

Jeremy is back in his hometown of Gueydan, Louisiana to help with church reform and to dismantle host formation as the dawn of mega storms comes to the south coast. When he sees that Beau is in need of hero, he is more than happy to be that person. Wanting to see her reputation restored, he will do anything to make right the wrongs he is responsible for in her life—even if it means to lie to her so he can protect her from becoming a target for the enemies of Dover. The Hun’s are back and forming an army of host of its own, plowing down anyone that stands in their way of power and complete control of Dover’s Amalgam.


Okay, okay. Before going through my incoming LOOOOONG book review, I just want to talk about the book cover of Category Jeremy. The cover reveal for Category Jeremy happened a few days ago and I LOVED this book cover compared to the first book, The Guardian. I especially loved that back cover. Oh gods, a visual glimpse of Jeremy Tremaine! At least the closest it could possibly get. The cover is just so awesome! I love love thousand times love it! What I’d give to have that in my bookshelf.

Okay, moving on to my book review…

Although I didn’t fall head over heels with this sequel like how I did with The Guardian, I still found it highly enjoyable and addictive. I am really glad I picked up the time and read Category Jeremy. My knack for time travelling have been up-ed another level. This series just keeps getting better and better. It’s a bonus that the characters are now more easy to relate to since they are living in a modern age.

Talking about the characters, the main character Jeremy Cameron Tremaine, in The Guardian, was a 9 year old with autism, Elizabet’s cousin Beau’s best friend, and the boy that Jareth Tremaine was supposed to protect and train for his abilities as a host. In Category Jeremy, eight years after that fateful trasformation as a hurricane, he becomes the adopted child of married couple Elizabet and Jareth Tremaine. With Jareth as his guardian, he is able to control his ability more often despite the downsides after dissipating.

Now what I liked about Jeremy is the fact that he is a very heroic character. Ignoring the fact that he is hot and beautiful (coughs! really really beautiful…), he is all sorts of perfect bundled up in one package. I liked how powerful yet humble Jeremy’s personality is. He can be as brave as a real knight would be and as strong as a hurricane that he is, but this 17-year old boy knows how to be bashful at times as well. He loves so dearly, and I mean not just toward his girlfriend, Beau, but also towards his adoptive family.

Second main character, was Beau. I have no idea how I’m supposed to talk about her. To be honest, I didn’t like her character right from the start almost up to the end. Her personality and way of thinking just doesn’t work for me. I tried to understand her character, after all, the girl has suffered a lot from such a young age. But there’s something about her that just doesn’t sit well with me. I tried to be sympathetic about her history, but came up with nothing. Something about her making big deals out of nothing. She likes to make matters far more worse. And must I talk about the unnecessary jealous rage she had? Jeremy and Beau just kept having one problem after another. There were too many useless angst, when things could’ve been better with a little trust and talking. But I guess for Beau’s character, gaining trust after you lost it would take a lot of challenge.

In spite of it all, I have to hand it to her. Beau’s a very wise, brave and sassy girl. No matter the danger brought along in being with Jeremy, she stood by his side till the end. She loves just as strongly as Jeremy does. Though, a little trusting wouldn’t hurt. Again, I try to understand that.

Anyhow, I’m still glad I’m able to see more of my two crazy lovebirds, Jareth and Elizabet. I still prefer their story compared to Jeremy and Beau. Plus I love how both Jareth and Elizabet have grown into such strong characters. They’ve grown wiser (and sassier). That didn’t help the fact that I already love this couple better. I might be a grandma at heart, in spite of being 21 this year, but Jeremy and Beau’s relationship was just too much for me. Too cliche, maybe? While Jareth and Elizabet’s was a lot more subtler, Jeremy and Beau’s were a lot too eager.

I think I’m from the 1300s as well. Yes, that must be it.

But I have to hand it to you. I loved that ending. Very much indeed. I felt satisfied with how things worked out in the end.

All in all, Category Jeremy was a fun read and although I mentioned I preferred the first book doesn’t mean I didn’t love Category Jeremy. And I know there would be more adventures to come in the next book! I can’t wait ’til then. I am so excited to jump into more in the Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam!

amazon-logo_blackCategory Jeremy comes out in June 1! Pre-order your copy on Amazon:


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3 and a half

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