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Book Signing Event ღ Victoria Aveyard

It’s on the 29th of February when Red Queen author, Victoria Aveyard flew all the way to the Philippines to meet her excited fans in the country! Before Manila, she had a book signing event in Cebu on the 5th of March. She was happily and excitedly greeted by more than 400 of her fans!


And then while the peeps in Cebu are still suffering from hang overs from meeting Aveyard, and Aveyard spending some time resting and prepping up for the next event, me along with several other bookworms have started lining up on the night before her signing event in Manila. It was a camp out, indeed. My second one, in fact! Unlike the others, I didn’t really bring anyone with me for the camp out. Given that most of my college friends aren’t really book obsessive as I was, and all my book friend to whom I’ve met on the past book signing events I’ve gone to, planned to not attend this one (because they’re planning to attend the other signing event the next weekend.)

So here I was, after a long day in school, spent the night just to be able to get my Red Queen, Cruel Crown and Glass Sword books signed. It was both exciting and lonely all at the same time. The exciting part was that I’m seeing these new faces for the first time, and its lonely because they’re playing games while I’m dozing off because I have no one to talk to.


(Patiently sitting and waiting on the sidewalk at the middle of the night. P.S. Those set of TOG books aren’t mine.)

But it’s not like it’s their fault. I have shy issues, and I’m not really loud. I’m sort of boring. But I felt embarassed having to smile to myself whenever I hear them say something funny. LOL

Anyway, when morning finally came, a lot of people started arriving! And I mean a lot! And they were lining up before us!!! US, WHO CAMPED OUT AT NIGHT. US, WHO SLEPT ON THE SIDEWALK JUST TO GET IN THE LINE FIRST. US, WHO MISSED A BUNCH OF MEALS JUST TO STAY IN LINE FOR THE SIGNING EVENT. It was starting to get frustrating because during the night, I counted of around 30 people before me on the line, then when registration finally came, I was 64th. I may have looked calm on the outside, but deep down, like DEEP DOWN TO MY STINKING CORE, I was like WTF. The people just started coming and coming and coming and coming in front of the line. The people sitting next to me were also started to get frustrated, as they started shouting, “MAHIYA NAMAN OH… KAGABI PA KAMI DITO(Have a little shame. We’ve been here since last night.). And they just kept saying that they’ll just let us go on ahead, but we were like WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS BEHIND US? WHAT ABOUT THEM WHO STAYED PUT IN THEIR LINE.

It was the most frustrating signing event I’ve ever been to. Never in my life have I encountered such rude people. Maybe it was their first time, not knowing the rules in this sort of events, but still.

Anyway, the good thing is, while we were lining up for the registration, a few of the peeps next to me in the line talked to me about the camp out, those people who got in front of the line, who they’re with and stuff. I finally made acquaintances! /insert fireworks/ Turns out, these peeps were also friends with the other book friends I met on another signing event! Small world. Anyway, after registration, I went back home to get some fresh but quick bath. (didn’t want to look butt-ugly standing next to Aveyard now, do we?)

When I got back to the event area, I met up again with Jiru and the others that was next to me in the line earlier. Then a little later past 2pm, the event finally started, and the queen has arrived! It turns out she was more surprised to see us than we are of seeing her. She was surprised to see more than a THOUSAND of us waiting to see and meet her! Whoa.11

So like the usual, the event started with an interview. During most of the Q&A, people kept screaming #TeamMaven.

I wasn’t screaming along with them. But yes, I ship along with them.



Though Aveyard kept saying that she really has no plans in putting Mare and Maven on the same side again. (Oh really, now? Or maybe you’re just bending us because we’re starting to figure out how this would all end? /waves eyebrows/)

I think I’ll be throwing tables if Maven’s character doesn’t turn out the way I’m hoping for. Whether he ends up with Mare or not, I’m hoping to see Maven with a happy ending at least.

Anyways… After Aveyard’s short interview, after feeling more famous than Justin Bieber, the signing event have finally started. And when finally I was called to have my books signed, this was what me and Aveyard talked about in a span of a minute:

Aveyard: Hi! How are you?

Me: I’m good. You?

Aveyard: Awesome! I’m so glad you could come.

Me: I’M glad YOU could come!

Aveyard: Oh, yeah! It’s been wonderful!

Me: I’m so glad you liked it here!

…then we quickly had our photo taken together. 3 snapshots, but these was the best out of the three.


(‘scuse my face. I look terrible next to her.)

After I got my books signed, me, Jiru and the others went on ahead and looked for the rest of their friends. After that, they started planning to have their lunch, because yeah, we all missed a lot of meals for this event but eventually got cheated in the line anyway. But I had to say my goodbyes to them because I had make-up classes on a Sunday, like WTF. I know. It sucks.

But I got my books signed. I met Victoria Aveyard. And I had another stupendous experience to remember!


And yes. I had my name personalized as Darling, instead of Darla. Just cause.


The ship still continues to sail. #TeamMaven.


The queen’s letter for her Filipino fans!


T’was a wonderful time we had with you, Ms. Aveyard! Thank you for bearing with us. You are an undeniably amazing person. Your ability to sign more or less than three thousand books is undeniably remarkable! I salute you, Queen Aveyard! Thank you for coming to the Philippines. I hope to meet you again on another one of your signing event, hopefully for the third book ( I think I read somewhere there will also be a fourth book) in the series, and maybe a new series as well. And NBS for hosting these signing events as usual, thank you so much!


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