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Book Review ღ F*ck Love

fuck love

(Cover Credit: Goodreads)

Title: F*ck Love

Author: Tarryn Fisher

Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary

Format: Kindle

Pages: 257

Date Read: January 1-2, 2016


Helena Conway has fallen in love.

But not unprovoked. Kit Isley is everything she’s not—unstructured, untethered, and not even a little bit careful.
It could all be so beautiful…if he wasn’t dating her best friend. Helena must defy her heart, do the right thing, and think of others.
Until she doesn’t.

The day I fell in love with you was the first day you found yourself.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming…

Did you hear that?
That was me.
Falling in love.
Falling out of love.
Crying. Again.
Falling in love. Again.

Am I over-reacting? Because I am literally crying right now…
Tarryn Fisher never fails to impress with her works. I just.. I just… Oh God, I just need a moment right now. I’m bawling. I cried. Yeah, I think I cried. Wait, wait! I think I also fell in love? Did I? Hmm. F*ck, I don’t know. F*ck love!

I don’t even know how to start with this review. I am utterly speechless. It’s rare for me to finish a book in one sitting lately, and maybe this is because I’ve already been a fan of Tarryn’s works even before, and F*ck Love is not an exception, but I finished this in a very short period of time. Could have done it in less than 6 hours if I wasn’t so tired from travelling. I read it and I kept whispering to myself, “This is just so Tarryn…”. It’s like she could release a book and not reveal she’s the author and people would still know its hers.

How am I even supposed to review this without being so obviously obsessed with it?

You know what?

Screw it.

I’m making this review WITHOUT ANY FACADE.


Don’t think I didn’t warn you.

Okay. Here we go.

Main Characters. Helena Conway. I love this girl! She’s literally me your typical girl of today. She’s just like every one of us. She takes selfies, she posts them in her social accounts, she stalks people’s profile accounts. Just like how she described herself. I am an overly simple girl who got an itch. Oh my God, that is so me. If she’s so overly simple, then why do you love her so much? Oh well, I don’t know what to say to that. I just do. I felt the connection there. I mean, don’t get me wrong. Its not that I fell in love with my best friend’s boyfriend. I don’t even know how it feels to be in that mess. I don’t think I would even want to. Unless, you know… If there’s a reason to. But like Helena, I’m simple, I’m awkward and I have always thought and felt like I’m happy. Like I’m doing what I do, and my future’s already set. But you know that feeling you get where you feel like there’s something missing? Something you can’t point your finger at. Well, I guess I’ll leave that for Helena to find out. She’ll understand.

Kit Isley. I have to warn those who’ve read so much romance novels with the main guy with bulky arms, 6-pack abs, ripped muscles and green/blue/gray eyes. Kit Isley’s not that guy. Although he IS beautiful, but not in the way that is so unrealistically handsome, no. Kit Isley is your quiet but attentive guy. He doesn’t have gray eyes, he has brown. Like chocolate brown. He’s sweet, loyal, funny and well.. normal. The type of personality every girl is supposed to be looking for! I’d try any tall, ripped, and beautiful guy for a Kit Isley. (One Kit Isley with a cherry on top please!) There’s something he said that I can’t forget: I fell in love with “I wanted to protect you from the world’s cruelty, not become it.” and I think I heard my heart crack in “You never had to convince me of anything. It was a matter of timing. Our timing was off.” Yeah, I know. I’m simple like that.

You shouldn’t have to convince anyone to choose you. There is no real choice in love.

But f*ck love, right?

The Story. Was it just me? Or was I fighting emotions along with Helena? While in the middle of F*ck Love, I was trying to understand if there was some sort of reason why Helena wouldn’t just tell Kit how she feels despite the fact that his dating Della (Helana’s supposed-to-be best friend.)? Then I realize, chicks before dicks. I kept forgetting that because right from the beginning I could see Della’s despicable character. It would’ve been so much harder if she was this girl with white wings and halo on her head, but no. She had to be this narcissistic girl who gets under your nerves. But I guess, for someone like Helena, if you’ve known her and been with her for a long time, you wouldn’t have mind how she is and she’ll still be your best friend. Even if she asks you to make her snacks and fetch her this, fetch her that. “You’re not even as pretty as me.” Oh go fetch yourself a maid, Della! Was that mean? Yikes, it was. Sorry. I got carried along.

Anyway, I have to tell you guys that this book swoon me from the ground. All that flirting! Oh God, Helena. You were so slow. If Kit was taking me on long walks and telling me personal things he doesn’t even tell his girlfriend, I’d take the hint. But otherwise, I wouldn’t have known. BECAUSE HE WAS JUST SO SWEET WITH DELLA. “That causes an ache deep in my chest. To know that there are guys willing to drop their shopping bags to catch their girl. And I want someone to love me that effortlessly.” (Me too, Helena. Me too.) I would have thought every moment was an imagination too. I even like the way Kit flew all the way to Washington and pursued Helena. Oh my God, the way they would meet!!! *snap* *sends photo to Helena* “come find me”. I was like, the guy’s FINALLY making an obvious move!!! CAN YOU NOT!? You’re giving me butterflies. Oops! I was not supposed to say that.

That ending though. I seriously thought Tarryn will break me with another wrong timing. And that epilogue. Thank you for giving Muslim a chance to say goodbye, Tarryn. Oh my poor Muslim. It was short, but he gave Helena hope. Almost.

But seriously, everyone. This book was amazing. It was beautiful. I’d say I recommend this to everyone, but you don’t need to hear that from me anymore. Lots of readers would’ve probably said that already. So I’ll be original and I’ll just say that this was amazing and I have no regrets missing another day from doing school works because this was just so freaking worth it.

Pinch me, I must be dreaming…


4 and a half

Was I being too obvious?

Yes. Yes, I was. 



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