Review Blog Policy

Review Policy

I don’t want perfect, I want honest.

Hello, everyone!

The policy for my blog and reviews will be as follows:

  • What will I be making a review of?

All my posts in this blog will be for anything book related. My reviews, mostly, will be for novels and film adaptations. I’m actually thinking of making reviews of the past books I’ve read before, those that are still fresh in my mind. Please take note that all my reviews will be based from what I have completely finished reading/watching. You can expect that I will not be making any review of anything I haven’t thoroughly finished at all.

  • What to expect from my reviews?

On my reviews, I intend on adding the synopsis of the book from Goodreads or film adaptation from iMDb on the post. Just to clarify to everyone that I am not a professional or perfectly knowledgeable critic on analyzing the themes and character, however I will only be stating my own honest thoughts and opinions after reading or watching a certain book/film. I won’t make any future promises to sugarcoat my reviews when needed, but I will keep this two promises to treat all the book/film and any person who wrote or are involved with respect and I will write my reviews with honesty. I don’t intend to curse or ruin any books/authors/films/directors/actors,etc. that will be reviewed in this blog. If ever I make any rude comment/s to my reviews, I have my contact information written on the menu above for anyone who wants to let me know personally about my mistakes or their thoughts about my reviews. Please feel free to let me know if there is something from my review that you might find offensive.

  • How will I rate my reviews?

I will rate my reviews based on the number of stars, 5 stars being the highest, and 1 star being the lowest. Although, truth be told, I have never rated a book anywhere with 1 star in my Goodreads account. I have had my own fair share of top favorites and top lamest books, but I have never had the heart to rate anything as one star. (These books were made with time and effort from authors, and I respect them for that.) Two stars are most morbid rating yet, simply not because I hate/despise it, but because i have unanswered questions from the book.

5 stars
Loved it!
I really liked it!
2 stars
Just okay.
1 star

Oh, by the way. Please take note that I might have some ratings with 0.5 on them (i.e. 4.5 stars: 4 and a half) This rating would vary depending on how much a book or review would be weighing around two different rating stars.

  • Credits.

I just want to state that most of the photos that I will attach along in my reviews, like book covers or movie posters, will be coming from the internet, most commonly on Goodreads, and I hereby solemnly swear to credit the owner/site of the photo. However, if I have a book of my own, or have the time to take a picture on my own, I will be using my own photo. Any photos that I own and you might want to use/borrow on your own blog or any other social accounts, please make sure to credit me and do not remove the watermark on the photos. Thank you!

  • Call me, maybe.

I don’t really mean to call me, but you can send me an e-mail or you can ask me anything in any of my social media accounts. Please refer to the Contacts menu in the menu bar above for my contact information.

  • Have any book/film adaptations to recommend and want me to review?

Oh, you bet I am interested! I am willing to try other genre, but I mostly prefer these following genres:

  1. YA contemporary
  2. Dystopian
  3. Fantasy
  4. Fiction > Adventure
  5. Comedy
  6. New Adult
  7. Romance

Just contact me through my e-mail below:

Well that's it for now! Thanks for reading through this all, everyone! Have an amazing day!

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